The Lopifit is a Dutchborn bicycle and is an electric walking bicycle. It is half bicycle and half tread mill. It has five gears but we will mainly be using just the first three gears. It operates on a lithium battery and the top speed is 24 km/ph which is the same as a normal electric bicycle. Our top speed during the tour will be around a third to half of that. It functions similar to a tread mill in that you keep walking to keep your pace up. If you slightly hit the brakes the tread mill will stop right away and you can keep on cruising while standing and slowing down speed or you can hit the brakes completely and stop right away. As the tour will be around 20% spent on the transport it is nice to feel relaxed on the lopifit while seeing the scenery passing us so if the practice session is too short for you (it never is) we can extend the time of course until you feel more confident.

For safety reasons we usually don't accept children under 16, this is mainly due to the hight of the lopifit. Exceptions are possible. Hight being over 150cm.

It is a great way to see the area and you will enjoy the exeperience for sure.